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Engagement Model
IPC will work with clients in the way agreed to be the best approach to the task in hand.

IPC adopts the "collaborative team" approach. IPC may take the prime responsibility for the delivery of outputs/outcomes with client resources available to assist and provide inputs and/or conduct reviews. IPC takes responsibility, as principal, in any contractual arrangement for the consultants engaged. Alternatively the client may prefer to take the lead responsibility with IPC resources assisting as required. IPC endeavours to ensure that services delivered are managed and measurable. This is based on criteria established with clients for defining the terms of engagement, the scope of the work, services/deliverables to be provided, assumptions, schedule, costs, billing arrangements and responsibilities.

Joint responsibilities for contract and risk management are agreed as is a process for reviewing and measuring service performance against the contractual terms. Formal communications are established to ensure that all parties are aware of service, cost and milestone expectations. The nature and frequency of Project Status reporting will be established at project initiation.

IPC's Relationship Manager will liaise on client issues to ensure the quality of the relationship is based on trust and transparency e.g. through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

IPC will work with the client to identify and mitigate risks relating to the ability to continue effective service delivery in a secure and efficient manner on a continual basis e.g. replace a contractor who terminates with another of equivalent skill and experience.

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