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Software Development
IPCs commitment is to build quality software systems. We have the skills and experience to develop the large scale systems required by our corporate and government clients.

Our team has extensive commercial experience and a passion for building excellent software. IPC's hard-won reputation and credibility for building quality systems is our most valued asset.

Our approach is characterised by:
  • An emphasis on partnerships with our clients
  • Clearly defined business requirements
  • Use of proven methodologies
  • Expertise in applying modern tools and technology effectively
  • Cost effective results

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Software Maintenance
IPC is committed to maintaining software quality through its software maintenance services. This includes the ongoing support, enhancement and development of custom-developed, and web-based applications.

IPC's software maintenance service offers a comprehensive life cycle management approach for applications of all types from legacy customer applications to new web-based applications. As the business requirements and priorities change, IPC keeps the applications running, up-to-date and evolving over all phases of the life cycle.

The IPC Maintenance Process based on IEEE and SEI CMM ( quality standards, delivers high quality, powerful software solutions and services to our clients. Specific offerings include:
  • Development and Integration
  • Ongoing Management and Operation
  • Major Enhancements
  • Retirement and Replacement