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IT Governance
IPC deliver service oriented, standards-based IT management architectures and systems that reflect recommended best practises and integrate with the IT governance framework.
Our IT management architectures and systems integrate the following service management functions:
  • IT service planning management;
  • IT service development management;
  • IT service delivery management;
  • IT service assurance management;
  • IT relationship management; and
  • IT function administration management.
We map each of the COBIT 4.0 processes into the ICT service management functions on a one-to-one basis to ensure all IT roles, accountabilities and relationships are clearly defined, understood and allocated and all IT processes are managed effectively and efficiently.
Our approach to IT service design and implementation ensures that each IT service:
  • Is fully defined and owned;
  • Supports business strategy;
  • Has one or more customers;
  • Has agreed quality criteria with each customer;
  • Has a system for managing performance/improvement;
  • Is a member of a service portfolio; and
  • Is integrated with the IT Governance and management framework.
We manage service quality using:
  • Key Goal Indicators (KGIs);
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs);
  • Capability Maturity Models (CMMs); and
  • Balanced scorecards.

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